The amazing Brian Lue Sang tagged me on his blog.

The rules:
-Link to the individual who tagged you.
-Post 7 random facts about yourself.
-Tag 7 friends and link to them
-Let them know they've been tagged by posting a nice message on their blogs.

The first point is already done. ;-)
I'm not going to tag 7 people though. Instead, I will post links to the blogs of 7 people I find talented or interesting in what they draw, write or both, so you can go see for yourself. :-D

And now on with the random facts!

1. I have friends that have never seen the natural color of my hair. Some of them really freak out with surprise when they see a picture from some years back. I'm one of those people who totally change with a new haircut or dye.

2. I found my current job through a friend who forwarded to me an e-mail she had received adding "This is just the kind of job that would suit you!"
Was it really? I still don't know.

3. I started drawing as a regular habit after I fell in love with Sailor Moon. It was something that happened totally by chance because I shoud have been at school when I saw the first episode, but I was sick.

4. When I was a little girl, I wanted to wear glasses and every time I had my sight checked, I hoped that the doctor would find me short-sighted. I always turned out to have 10/10 though. Always working on the computer like I do, I'm not sure that is still true...

5. The first Internet website I became a regular at was the band Muse's official website in 2001. It was very different back then though.

6. I read fanfiction. Altough I tend to consider that as something of a guilty pleasure.

7. I love to cook sweet things, but I do it rarely, otherwise I'll gain more weight from eating my own delicacies.

Ando now, the links! (In no particular order)

Noêin, home of the Nachtbummler group, contains samples from the magnificent work of Tristam Strauss. If you are looking for an artist who fuses Japanese and European influences with amazing results, look no further.

Mari-Mari chan, a Japanese illustrator who lives in Italy with her husband and daughter. Her everyday tales in images of her child growing up are one of the funniest things you'll ever read!

Hellevation, Enrychan's blog. Not only she is a promising mangs-style comic artist, but she also writes with humour and wit.

Il salotto di Milady de Winter. Milady is a teacher and has lots of stories about her pupils to tell, some extremely funny, some that make you angry and some that make you think. She is also a classical music lover, not to mention an entertaining narrator.

Sognando, Mirka Andolfo's art blog. I LOVE the way she draws. Period.

Eloisa's Illustrations and Characters. Her drawings are light-hearted, bright, full of the sweetness of childhood and ultimately delicious.
3 Responses
  1. Awesome!

    Hey - bake sweet things and send them to me! I'll eat them for you so you won't get fat ;)

    So... what color is your hair naturally? What color is it now?

    Thanks for playing along, Ko-Ekaterina (is it 'ko-ekaternia' or 'Ekaterina'?). Man, I ask a lot of questions, huh?

  2. Find me a way to send my sweets to you without getting them squashed and I will bake a mountain of them! :D
    So: My natural hair color is a dark blonde/light chestnut. It's not that I don't like it, but I like red more. I'm a dark red right now. I've also been blonde, dark chestnut, purple chestnut, orange-ish, fire red, and even tried a dye that was supposed to make my hair pink but in reality made them look like crap.
    As for my username, I usually go on the Net by the handle of KoShiatar, but Ekaterina is my Pusciastova name, because it had to be Russian. It was the name of a roommate from Moscow I used to stay with at the Abbazia (a student's house) in Venice.

  3. Maurice Says:

    Muse chat 2001 :D

    sono contento leggere i tuoi messaggi e vedere i tuoi disegni. un abbraccio