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Maglietta Wolfie
:-D <3

(Il caffè è spaziale!)

(The coffee is marvellous!)
4 Responses
  1. Ma che carinaaa! ;_;
    Devo proprio farmi Postepay e Paypal! >_< La voglio!

  2. KoShiatar Says:

    Questo è un regalo di compleanno quindi un pezzo unico... ma se ne volete commissionare qualcuna di simile, io sono disponibile. ;)

  3. Now THAT is awesome! I've been thinking of having one of my marker drawings blown up to a poster just for myself. Seeing your art like this makes me think I should.

    'Wolfie' is certainly a beautiful piece and you should celebrate it!! Thing is, I think a LOT of your work should be celebrated in the same way :)

  4. KoShiatar Says:

    You should try at least once. Sometimes the effects are surprising. For my part, I hardly thought the design would actually look so good on a T-shirt, but here it is.